The Laramie Project

June 22, 2009  |  Reviews

The Laramie ProjectGary Cowling gives one of the finest performances I’ve seen all summer, indeed one of the most nuanced performances I’ve seen in ages. He is a talented actor who goes from comedy to intense drama without ever losing the truth of his character. His every creation is insightful and emotionally honest. Best of the many are Doc O’Connor, the chauffeur, who despite a dim façade is one of the brightest people in Laramie. Dr. Cathaway is a touching portrait, and Cowling’s portrayal of playwright Moises Kaufman brings instant integrity to the entire proceedings.”
-Bob Geopfert, The Record

“The versatility of this cast is impressive… Gary Cowling is endearing as Doc O’Connor, town character-turned-philosopher, and sardonic as the coolly intellectual Moises Kaufman… authentically human and achingly real.”
-Nancy Sans, Taconic Press

Metroland Year in Review
#2: The Laramie Project, StageWorks

#6: Robin Leslie Brown, Brian Carter, Gary Cowling, Cheryl Hedges, Amy LeBlanc, Kevin McClarnon, Tommy Walsh and Sara Wolverson. Ensemble of The Laramie Project, StageWork

“…a riveting portrait of a community galvanized by a tragedy in its midst.” -Nancy Sans, Taconic Press

“This year the award for the best and most exciting theatrical event of the summer season goes to The Laramie Project at StageWorks.”
-Bob Geopfert, The Record

“The Laramie Project was a powerful ensemble work that explored how a community responded to, and was changed by, the murder of Matthew Shepherd. This was a whirl of words, characters, and images with the immediacy of a one-on-one interview and the wallop of a confessional, or a psycho-therapy session.” -James Yeara, Metroland

“This is ensemble acting at its best.” -Bob Geopfert, The Record

“‘Deal with what is true.’ StageWorks’ actors do just that with focus, vocal distinction and physical exactness that are engaging as well as admirable.” -James Yeara, Metroland

“You can also admire the craft in shifting seamlessly yet so exactingly from character to character, none of them mere caricature, none of them blurring into another character. Then you can applaud the art that allows you to get caught up and admire simultaneously – a rare feat on any stage.” -James Yeara, Metroland

“A moving production of a play that gives a story and a life to the name [Matthew Shepherd].” -James Yeara, Metroland

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