Take Me Out

September 21, 2010  |  Reviews

Play Ball!Best Actor in a Leading Role: “Sometimes good guys finish first. Cowling was thoroughly delightful as a geeky gay accountant whose crush on his baseball star client turns into a passion for the game itself. Radiating charm and good humor, Cowling’s fumbling characterization was the emotional heart of the Caldwell Theatre production and a model of impeccable comedic timing.” – New Times-Broward-Palm Beach, FL

“And as Mason, the playwright’s baseball-loving stand-in, Cowling could not be more adorable.” – Miami Herald, Christine Dolen “The play, though, belongs to Mason Marzac. Gary Cowling’s performance is hilarious. Through his tight, wound up mannerisms, Cowling shows off his comedic talent as Lemming’s confidant, effervescently gay mother figure, and #1 fan.” – TALKIN’ BROADWAY.COM, Kevin Johnson

“There is a deft comic leavening in the character of Mason “Mars” Marzac (Gary Cowling). Marzac falls in love equally hard for the game of baseball, and his character rhapsodizes eloquently about the game, while Cowling steals scenes as the elfin, impossible-to-hate fan.” – Boca Raton News, Skip Sheffield

“Best of all is Gary Cowling as the effete, geeky Mason, a thoroughly charming comedic turn that’s a welcome and effective antidote to the dramatic doings. Mason has most of the play’s best lines and Cowling’s timing is superb.” – New Times Broward / Palm Beach, Ronald Mangravite

“Gary Cowling is so good in his role that he receives several rounds of applause after some of his scenes. . . Letter perfect.” – Entertainment News & Views, Buddy Clarke

“Cowling’s exuberance could make anyone a baseball believer.” – Mary Damiano, Our Independent

“Marzac’s character is the play’s conscience. His first-act monologue, already being hailed as one of the greatest in contemporary American theater, frames an abundance of issues in crisply poetic language. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Marzac in the Caldwell production, Gary Cowling, delivers the monologue with just the right mix of fey delight and poignant sense of discovery.” – Charles Passy, Palm Beach Post

“There is much humor… as Mason (Gary Cowling) becomes a baseball fanatic as he reveals the meaning and beauty of baseball in an inspiring soliloquy.” – Al Price, Boynton Beach Times

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