Love! Valour! Compassion!

September 22, 2010  |  Reviews

“Gary Cowling sparkles as Buzz, transcending the character’s ‘tragic clown’ surface to find shades of optimism and defeat. This is a person staring down death, and yet the audience is able to care about him without feeling buried by the gravity of his situation.” – Off-Off

Gary Cowling’s turn as Buzz Hauser is hilariously pouty and also moving in the moments where McNally reveals the deep loneliness just below the surface.” –

“Sans stars you somehow feel you’re seeing a truer representation of the everyday humanity of the characters. The best example is the wickedly funny Gary Cowling ’s portrayal of AIDS-stricken show queen Buzz, whom Nathan Lane played on Broadway, Jason Alexander on film. While each of those star turns was rich and witty, Cowling, both in appearance and demeanor, comes across as a show queen you might personally know.” – HX

“A veritable contemporary gay masterpiece!” – Next

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